Hello All,

View-Speed Inc. was initiated in mid-2011 to manufacture and sell some products we have found useful in bicycle training and triathlon racing over the past 25 years.

The purpose of the products is to improve your safety, comfort, and speed.

Our products are guaranteed.

Most of our products have been tested in the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel after having evolved over several years of training and racing.      View-Speed Inc. SD LSWT Tests

Some of our products are also tested at Elements Materials Technology  http://www.element.com/ .     Material Tests S3F         Material Tests S4R

Most of our products have patents pending.

While we have used the products as ‘one off’ items for some years and can quickly make changes to improve the product in small lots ….. we have found that production quantities require more lead time to bring to market. 

Also marketing products requires materials testing, patent applications, and legal liability considerations along with conformance to state resale laws and minutiae like buying bar codes, packing, shipping, and so on.

Our first product out the chute is the Skewer-Speed Series 3 Front (S3F).  The other more complex products will be forthcoming.

With that in mind we will be introducing our products slowly over the next months as quickly as production and quality control testing allow.  The Skewer-Speed Front and Rear (S4F/R) will be next and will be available in about 3 weeks or so.

Obviously our Speed-Skewer product by itself is not going to make you +1 mph Faster.  Using the Speed-Skewer front and rear will reduce your total skewer frontal area by about 3 square inches [1935 sq. mm] compared to a typical quick release …….. it will also reduce some parasite drag from the quick release operating lever and reduce your bicycle weight a bit.

However, we believe that when our various products are used in concert (using several different View-Speed products at the same time) they can improve your safety and comfort ……….. and speed …. about +1 mph Faster at the same watt input – varying with individuals.

While serving in the USMC in my first squadron, VMA-212, one of the aircraft I flew was the Douglas AD Skyraider designed by Ed Heinemann.

Ed Heinemann’s approach to aircraft design was simplistic, once saying that he simply took the most powerful engine available, and designed the aircraft around it ……. another of his design adages was “simplicate and add lightness”. 

This is one of the design philosophies we want to incorporate in our bicycle products … ‘simplicate and add lightness’  .. with your Watt output being ‘the most powerful engine available’ …. to help you safely go faster with more comfort.

Respectfully submitted,

Neal Henderson