The S3F and S4F/R have patents pending.

The original Series 1 Front and Rear S1F/R was sold with a bike or lost several years ago.  It was all titanium with a nut and thrust washer on the drive side and a nut and thrust washer on the other side - additionally secured with Gyptal or fingernail polish on the nut threads.

Today the View-Speed Skewer Series 4 Front and Rear S4F/R and Series 3 Front S3F are the latest models.  The S3F model is required for forks having mounting blades thinner than 6.35mm.


The S4F/R View-Speed Skewers are made of high strength grade 5 titanium and samples are tested to destruction by Element Materials Technology - formerly named Stork Materials Technology.

The S4F/R required 3,681 pounds of force to fracture and17 Newton-meters of torque to thread failure.

Each skewer individually serial numbered. 

Each skewer has a clock line laser etched on the drive side for easy preflight check that it is secure.

When installed View-Speed skewers are additionally secured with some Loc-Tite Quicktape 249 Threadlocker Tape.

The Skewer-Speed S4F/R and S3F  ship with a piece of Loc-Tite Quicktape 249.

Installation Instructions


Designed for simplicity and ease of use. 

The View-Speed Skewers do not use centering springs.


Both the S3F and S4F/R have considerably less frontal area than standard skewers with a very aerodynamic shape and light weight.

Weight S4R (Series 4 Rear) 19 grams.

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Skewer-Speed S4F/R compared to S3F.

Note that the S4F/R series has a lower exposed profile and weight and is slightly stronger than the S3F.

The S3F (front only) series is black oxide coated.  The S4F/R (front and rear) is natural finish � polished.

The S3F is required for a few forks that have fork blade mounting thickness of less than 6.35mm.

The S4F will work in most bicycle road forks with standard wheel hubs.  Chris King, Zipp, etc.

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View of drive side of Skewers that currently utilize a 5mm hex key to secure and remove.  Note blade slot on older S2F Skewer.

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One piece machined keyed fastener (nut) on S3F and S4F/R replacing the older S2F nut (used for several years) that had TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded parts made from drilled titanium washers welded together for strength and aero shaped for a thumb grip on nut.