View-Speed Incorporated

View-Speed Inc. was initiated in mid-2011 to manufacture and sell some products we have found useful in bicycle training and triathlon racing over the past 25 years  ......... Click here to continue reading .....

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View-Speed Skewer Evolution

View-Speed Skewers vs. Quick Release


S3F Skewer - Featured Product:

The S3F and S4F/R have patents pending.

Skewer-Speed Series 3 Front (S3F)

Weight 21 grams Aerodynamic  Shape


S3F Skewer is made of high strength grade 5 titanium, tested to destruction by Element Materials Technology, formerly named Stork Materials Technology.

S3F required 3,552 pounds of force to fracture and15 Newton-meters of torque to thread failure.

Each skewer has a clock line laser etched on the drive side for easy preflight check that it is secure.

When installed additionally secured with some Loc-Tite Quicktape 249 Threadlocker Tape.

The Skewer-Speed S3F ships with a piece of Loc-Tite Quicktape 249.

Installation Instructions


Designed for simplicity and ease of use. 

The View-Speed Skewers do not use centering springs.


S3F has considerably less frontal area than standard skewers with a very aerodynamic shape and light weight.

Skewer-Speed S3F  (21 grams) comparison with quick release (57grams).

Skewer-Speed S3F aerodynamic shape compared to quick release skewer non aerodynamic shape.

Close up of keyed fastener.

Low profile frontal area of Skewer-Speed  S3F mounted on bicycle front fork.

Comparison of Skewer-Speed S3F and Quick Release.

Close up of Skewer-Speed S3F and Quick Release.

Note the radius clock line on the Skewer-Speed S3F for a quick rotational position check pre-ride.

Close up of Skewer-Speed S3F mounted on front fork note very low frontal area.